Free Learning Session : W.A.V.E. Work Attitudes and Values Enhancement

Published in: SEMINARS - January 12. 2018 - Written by Alex Nacpil

Values for both Employers and Employees

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE) learning session are designed to forge together individual and organizational work values and match them into alignment.

The session shall specifically define the core values of service, timeliness, team effort, hard work, and quality; and present how they can effectively influence the drive to high productivity.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

Attitude is defined as a mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Given this fact and when people are convinces of the personal benefits of a positiveattitude adjustment, they openly and willingly change their attitudesfor the better in order to achieve the organizational mandate.

Values are generally defined as ethical standards and universal norms, which are treasured and upheld; while enhancement is something that raises the value of a certain thing. A good sense ofwork ethics is one critical element that can lead people achieve higher productivity, which in turn, can positively drive an organization to its peak of success!


Work Attitudes and Values Enhancement

Creating and Nurturing a Value Driven Organization


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