Our Manilascope Blogger's Group

Join us now :

Be a part of our group of influencers, new makers and life shakers! We need only 50 of the most wanted bloggers. Extend your reach with our network of friends and partners.. We have some benefits reserved in store for you too! ...Apply now and we will get back to you!

Benefits of joining Manilascope Blogger’s Group :

We will act and behave as one group :

  1. - You will get : free dedicated domain name, free website, and free hosting, free design and free support for your site.
  2. - You are given an exclusive membership blogger’s discounts card with discounts to hundreds of stores.
  3. - You will get : free business cards with your own branding.
  4. - You will keep all the income on your site as you did before.
  5. - But you will get a commission on manilascope.com platform for client you push on our platform.
  6. - Get your brand name published on printed magazine ! On selected case, we will choose articles among all the blogger of the group and we publish his/her article on paper.
  7. - You will be invited free to our Blogger’s Night twice a year.
  8. - You will be invited to come to our Media Partner events.

What do you need to do :

  1. - Blog 4 times a year ABOUT manilascope
  2. - Bring in 4 clients a year for manilascope
  3. - Active blogger. (one blog a week at least)
  4. - Achieve 10,000 followers/likes
  5. - Push Manilascope on a positive way and have genuine desire to cooperate with us.